The different types of ‘auto gates’ in the UK


When we think of protecting our property, the very first thing that comes to mind are solid gates and very high fences. This is because security has ever been a prime concern for all property owners pretty much ever since people started owning the same. This holds true for the UK along with just about every other part of the world.

However, gates today are a far cry from those of a bygone era. Those may well have (and still do) look formidable but nevertheless are now increasingly becoming obsolete. This is because ever larger numbers of property owners in the United Kingdom are now switching from manual gates to fully automatic ones because auto gates offer a veritable host of advantages that are not otherwise available with their manual (hand operated) counterparts.

Moreover, such gates are easily available in a vast variety of different types and functionalities to suit every budget as well as exacting needs of the aesthetic minded and budget conscious purchaser. The many different kinds of gate types include:

ï‚· Hinged gates

These can be further sub divided into three distinct functional types:

ï‚· Out Swingers

As the term implies, an out swinging gate is capable of swinging outwards when it is opened. They operate on hinges that are fixed inside the wall posts located next to these gates.

ï‚· In-swingers

An in-swinging gate swings inwards on its hinges when opened. It may consist of either one or two different doors that are automatically operated by the user courtesy a remote control unit.

ï‚· In-swinging and out swinging gates

They are amongst the most common types of gates around and they can swing both inwards and outwards as per the settings on the remote control unit.

ï‚· Sliders

A slider gate rolls or ‘slides’ on its track or cantilevers (in case it is equipped with those) and unlike its hinged counterparts is an ideal choice where space is at a premium.

Once you have decided on the type of operation you want for your brand new automatic gate, it is time to decide on the construction material of the type of gate that you have chosen.

ï‚· Gate construction materials

As with the different types of gates, there are two main kinds of construction materials for both automatic as well as manual gates:

ï‚· Metal

Metal gates are a popular choice amongst discerning customers of automatic gates and the technology that drives them The metal gates available in the UK have to undergo a called ‘hot dip galvanizing’ that helps keep the gate safe from both rust as well as corrosion irrespective of the external environment.

ï‚· Wood

For the more traditional look, there are wooden gates and they are offered either in a lacquered polish finish or are painted as per the requirements of the customers.

Irrespective of which type and construction material you choose, you may rest easy that it would last you a long time indeed.