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Access Control Systems throughout Midlands including Leicester, Leicestershire, Loughborough, Birmingham, Market Harborough, Oakham, Northampton, Sheffield, Coventry

There are many ways to operate an electric gate system and it is vital that the correct access control system and accessories are used to make operating your electric gate system meet your requirements. We install and fit access control systems throughout the Midlands including Leicester, Leicestershire, Birmingham, Nottingham, Derby, Derbyshire, Northampton, Sheffield, Coventry, Loughborough and Market Harborough.

Many of the items listed below can be operated in conjunction with each other to provide the most effective method of operating the gates.

Magtec Electric Gates Ltd has over 20 years experience in gate automation and access control installation and as such you can rest assured that whichever system we advise will be suitable.

Access Control Options

Remote Controls

With a remote controlled system there’s no more having to get out of your vehicle to manually open and close the gate. Having electrical gates makes entering and exiting a property both convenient and pleasurable.


Having a keypad located on a gateway is a great way to only allow authorised persons to have access through the gateway. Simply entering the correct access code is a simple and effective method of securing a gateway.

Push Buttons

A simple way of operating the gate system.

Key Switch

A secure and cost effective method of operating the gates by inserting a key into the key switch module.

Induction Loops

These are most commonly used on busy gateways to allow vehicles to move freely. They are sometimes called pads in the road, however they are in fact made up of looped wire coiled round a rectangle. When a vehicle travels over the magnetic field the gateway detects the vehicle and allows the vehicle to enter.

Proximity / Swipe Card

A ‘card reader access control’ system is a very efficient way for a large number of users to be accommodated and monitored as they pass through an electric gateway.

Audio “Hard-Wired” Intercom

A two speech intercom allows you to directly communicate with people wanting to enter the property. When the button on the intercom is pressed the corresponding wall phone alerts you to whoever is at the entrance where you can then decide whether to allow them access or not.

Video Intercom

The video intercom allows you to see who you visitor is before allowing them access. Most of these systems come with build in lights to illuminate the visitors face so no extra lighting is required.

Wireless Audio Intercom

The wireless audio intercom allows you to have full control over who you let in via a handheld control. The user can speak with the visitor and can remotely open and close the gate to allow them access.

There are no cables or wires with this system.

GSM Audio Intercom

Having a GSM Audio Intercom allows you to grant access from wherever you might be. It uses sim card technology similar to a mobile phone. When the visitor presses the intercom a call is made to your home or mobile phone where you can then talk to the visitor and grant them access by pressing a designated button on your phone.

This system is ideal for when you’re at work or away from home.

If the intercom dials your mobile the gate can be opened from wherever you are – a perfect solution for allowing access to your property whilst not at home or work.

We operate throughout the entire Midlands including Leicester, Loughborough & Market Harborough. If you’d like more information regarding any of our services including electronic gates, automatic gates or Driveway gates then contact us today.

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