Reasons why Automatic gates are taking the UK by Storm


When you go into the market to buy a gate the odds are that you would be faced with a wide variety of choices ranging from sliding gates to inward and outward singing gates. Then there are gates that need to be opened horizontally or vertically (like garage doors)

However amidst the veritable plethora of gates available in the UK market today, the increasing number of automatic gates in the market has grown to dominate sales in the gate industry. This is due to a wide variety of reasons as discussed below:

ï‚· Ancillary products

An automatic gate may not be a stand alone device, but a part of a full fledged system that may include CCTV (close circuit TV cameras) placed close to the gate to keep an eye on the people seeking admission on to the gated property. Or alternately the gate may be mated to an intercom system and rather then ringing the customary bell the visitor may press a key and talk directly to the owner of the gated property and so secure admittance. (or lack of it thereof) Other then that, both audio visual links may be added to the auto gate for additional peace of mind and complete identification of the visitor.

ï‚· Convenience

Such gates provide a world of convenience for the owner and other operators. At the touch of a button a gate may be opened and closed thereby eliminating the need for the property owner to step outside his vehicle or home to open a gate in all kinds of inclement weather.

ï‚· Safety and security

Such gates offer near unparalleled security to the home owners, especially when coupled with high quality audio visual devices. They also remove the danger of anyone being accosted by anti social elements in that vulnerable movement when the leave the security of their vehicle to open the gate, often at odd hours of the night.

ï‚· Reliability

Unlike the auto gates of yester years the current crop of auto gates in te UK offer a markedly higher degree of reliability due to technological improvements in the machinery that operates such gates.

ï‚· Durability

Auto gates today are far more durable than ever before and in the highly unlikely event of a gate malfunctioning, the purveyors of such gates in the UK are offered to back their products with comprehensive ‘triple S’ sales, services and spare parts) services so that their customers may sleep at home in peace safe in the knowledge that their silent sentinels are on the job.

ï‚· Costs

There was a time when such gates were found only in Hollywood movies and the common man could hardly even think to afford such gates. But that was decades back and the auto gates available today are not only more reliable and durable but also vastly more affordable then they were before.